A simple & focused CMS for Small Businesses

CMS for small business & SMEs
A CMS for Developer Customer

A Website gives business a self reference for the customer and explains who you are and what you are doing. A website with contents which change from time to time increases web traffic and improves search engine rankings. But maintaining a website is a tough nut to crack for a small business owner which involves technical knowledge. Mini-CMS provides a solution for managing your website with no technical skills involved.

What you get ?

CMS is the place where you can update your content timely with provided authentication. You will be provided a portal where you can manage your site appearance, content, users,write blogs,create URLs for campaigns and more awesome stuffs.

Beautiful Website

A beautifully themed website with embedded blog (with social media share & comments).It will have your services listed, banner,partner links,etc..A realtime chatbot to your website where you can communicate with visitors(Tawk).

Admin Portal

Manage your services listed,your home page,Write Blogs,Check who's visiting your website,share posts,etc

Update Content

Its Simple & Easy
Update the content of your web page , upload images at anytime from anywhere through the secured admin portal.

Write Blogs

Invite Others too
Create authors for your blog,Ask them to write it for you. A blog can make people engage on your website and position our business.

Manage Users

Anybody can do it
Working together gives a great result.Create Users and give them privilages to manage the website content.

SEO Settings

Dont be hidden.Be Visible
Easy Options to set your search engine parameters based on your Industry. Default Metatags and search engine tracking codes at one place.

Why mini-CMS?

Simple & Focussed

Anybody can Manage

Mini-CMS doesn't confuse people with complex options inside, Its simple and powerfull. Anybody can manage their website no technical knowlege is needed.Typically Its a CMS for a customer not for Developer.

Search Engine Optimized

Don't worry.Its already done inside.

It focuses on bringing search engine visibility using on screen optimization techniques. It is desined by the way search engines read your website. It generates structured URLs for each page that contains keywords related. It also can be used for location targetted search engine visibility.

URL Analytics

Share URLs. View Visitor Reports.

Create short URLs ( for your pages & share it over the medium you want to market. Analyze who is visiting,click counts,country visitors,etc.. Aditionally you can embedd Google Analytics Tracking code from the admin portal and measure it through google analytics.

Simple CMS for Small Business and SMEs

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